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New Hampshire Reportedly Considering Primary in December

By on 10.8.11 | 11:04AM

At the end of last month, I warned of the likely consequences if Florida followed through on its threat to hold its primary Jan. 31. Yesterday, it was reported that the Iowa GOP had tentatively picked a Jan. 3 date for their traditional first-in-the-nation caucuses -- a big "bah, humbug!" to America, whose holiday season would be ruined by campaign news.

A Jan. 3 date for the Iowa caucuses would seem to dictate a Jan. 10 date for the New Hampshire primary -- state law requiring them to hold the nation's first primary -- but that might not be soon enough for the Granite State:

New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner said today he may schedule the first-in-the nation primary as early as Dec. 6, marking the first time ever that New Hampshire voters would pick a presidential candidate in December.
"Any Tuesday in December would be a possibility, but that's one of them," Gardner said today, when asked about a Dec. 6 primary. "It's not something I would do lightly. It would be done regrettably, but if it has to be done, we're going to comply with our tradition and our state law." . . .

A 2012 presidential primary held in December 2011? Do not blame Gardner and New Hampshire for this. They are upholding law and tradition. Blame Florida, where self-aggrandizing Republican Party leaders deliberately tipped the first domino that has set in motion this "front-loading" insanity. Perhaps few observers noticed (or understood the significance) when several prominent members of the Florida GOP Establishment endorsed Mitt Romney on Wednesday.

Florida Republican leaders wrecked the 2012 campaign schedule on purpose, and they apparently think the rest of us are too stupid to figure out what that purpose was.

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