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The Day Ahead: Friday, October 7

By on 10.7.11 | 8:23AM

The BLS will release the monthly jobs report at 8:30.

The 1985 Bears Super Bowl champions will visit the White House today (Chicago Tribune)

Today marks 10 years since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (USA Today)

Occupy Wall Street and anti-war protests to converge in D.C. (CBS News)

Mitt Romney will give a major speech on foreign policy today in South Carolina (National Journal)

Lawrence O'Donnell accuses Herman Cain of...not supporting the anti-segregation movement?

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Andrew Jackson: Tea Party President, by Robert W. Merry: For starters, he was principled, fearless, and astute. And Washington, D.C., never trusted him, because he knew the real source of America's greatness.

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Live From Wall Street, by Bill Zeiser: One clean-cut journalist goes undercover with the protesters.

Go Occupy Yourselves, My Darlings, by Ben Stein: Or to put it another way, Babies, the rain must fall.

Applying Paul Ryan, by Matt Naugle: The Health Care Compact Alliance is picking up where Paul Ryan left off.

We Can't Go Home Again, by George H. Wittman: Ron Paul-style isolationists are dead wrong on America's place in the world.

A New Normal, by Wlady Pleszczynski: Thirty-three years can make a nice all the difference.

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