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Ventura Named White Sox Manager

By on 10.6.11 | 7:45PM

The Chicago White Sox have named Robin Ventura as their new manager.

Now this is a surprise. Of course, Ventura spent most of his playing career in a White Sox uniform and a solid sixteen seasons at third base.

But he is an unknown quantity as a manager. This season the White Sox hired him to assist Buddy Bell in player development but he has no coaching or managerial background in the minor leagues.

On the other hand, he does have credibility with the White Sox fan base and probably commands a certain amount of respect amongst the players. He will also be a lot calmer than Ozzie Guillen. But Reverend Wright would be calm in comparison to Guillen.

I think the jury is out on this hire. But let's see what he can do. If Ventura resists the temptation to jump into the stands and beat on Nolan Ryan when they play the Rangers, he should be OK.

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