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Goodbye Hank Williams, Jr. My Friend

By on 10.6.11 | 1:13PM

So ESPN has said "Goodbye Hank Williams, Jr, My Friend." To paraphrase the late Tim Hardin, "We no longer know you/We don't like the things you said." In response to the dismissal of Hank Williams, Jr. concerning his Obama-Hitler comparison, Jim Antle wonders, "Maybe ESPN would have been equally sensitive if the Dixie Chicks had been singing the intro during the Bush Administration, but I doubt it."

To be fair to Natalie Maines and company, while they were less than complimentary of President Bush, they did not liken him to Hitler. Although plenty of other people and organizations have done so such as the late Nobel laureate Harold Pinter, singer Linda Ronstadt and CNN certainly didn't sanction "comedienne" Janeane Garofalo, who was guest hosting Crossfire in 2003, when she likened the Bush Administration to the "Forty-Third Reich." And then of course there's left-wing billionaire George Soros.

With that said, while President Obama is no friend of Israel much less a friend of House Speaker John Boehner, he is no Hitler. When I was a boy I went to shul with men and women who had endured the evil of the concentration camps and in many cases were the only member of their family to come out alive. However misguided President Obama's policies, they have not resulted in the systemic extermination of Jews nor any other group of people. To liken President Obama to Hitler is an insult both those who both died and survived the concentration camps.

Hank Williams, Jr. knows he made "a dumb statement." But we conservatives do ourselves no favors by comparing Obama to Hitler. This is especially true when there are so many other things for which President Obama can justly be criticized.

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