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Fifteenth Best Seller after Just Two Days!

By on 10.6.11 | 12:29PM

J. Christian Adams' expose on the Obama/Holder Justice Department, Injustice, has been available to the public for just two days, and it already is 15th on the Barnes and Noble best seller list. As I have reported here before, his reports on the endemic corruption and crazy-left ideology at the department are absolutely mind-boggling.

Adams will be my guest on my weekly radio show tonight at 106.5 FM in Mobile, also very easy to listen to online (great reception) here. Please do listen in, from 8-9 CENTRAL time.

By the way, the Washington Times today reported on yet another DoJ scandal. I comment on it here.

These are folks who help felons vote while refusing to help military personnel vote. They tell black voters they can't hold non-partisan elections because that would mean Democrats would be less likely to win. They work to throw out firefighter entrance exams in order to insist that blacks who missed almost 70 percent of the questions still get let in, and even made eligibile for back pay. They promote lawyers disciplined by the courts for ethics violations. They refuse to enforce voting laws they don't like. They refuse to protect white victims of civil rights violations. They coddle the hateful New Black Panthers. They illegally hire only hard-left applicants for civil service positions. They go to bat for suspected terrorists, but insist on investigating the CIA for possible "abuses" in interrogations. They dissemble and prevaricate repeatedly. They violate FOIA laws with abandon. and that's only a portion of their violations of the good, the true, the ethical, and the lawful. They make up a viper's nest, and the nest should be cleaned out.

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