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Hank Williams, Jr. Out at Monday Night Football

By on 10.6.11 | 11:28AM

Hank Williams, Jr. will no longer sing the intro to "Monday Night Football," ESPN has announced, after making controversial comments about President Obama on a political talk show. Williams has been doing the intro since 1991.

Williams said that House Speaker John Boehner playing golf with Obama was similar to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu golfing with Adolf Hitler. The country singer later walked back the analogy, but stood by his point that a Republican leader ought not be high-fiving the president while the economy is in the doldrums.

It wasn't astute political analysis I've ever heard and the Obama/Hitler analogy, like the Bush/Hitler comparisons of the past decade, was beyond over the top.  But is it worse than some of the things James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers has said? Maybe ESPN would have been equally sensitive if the Dixie Chicks had been singing the intro during the Bush administration, but I doubt it.

Have your rowdy friends come over on Monday night, but not your conservative ones.

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