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Palin Not Running: Mark Levin Scoop

By on 10.5.11 | 6:11PM

Talk radio host Mark Levin has just broken the news that Governor Sarah Palin -- whose statement he read on air -- has decided not to run for president.

Breaking, as they say. Palin is appearing live on the show.

Palin says no Third Party bid, either.

UPDATE: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Mark Levin on his talk radio show that President Obama was "succeeding" at his effort to transform America into a socialist country. Citing his energy policy as "asinine" the Governor said she would be very involved in what she called "the restoration of America."

Attacking crony capitalism, she called for a reassertion of the "true free market" by eliminating both the corporate tax rate and eliminating corporate welfare. Palin says she needs the freedom to call both parties to account and discussed the importance of getting constitutional conservatives elected.

Palin acknowledged the disappointment of her supporters (Matt Drudge e-mailed to say it was a "sad day") but said the decision had been reached "prayerfully."

Without a doubt, there is much, much more to come from Governor Palin in the battle for what she calls - doubtless at this point with considerable accuracy -- the "restoration of America." 

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