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Herman Cain, Southern Man

By on 10.4.11 | 3:29PM

A trio of polls released today show Herman Cain leading three Southern Republican primary races. Insider Advantage shows Cain with a 27-point lead in his native Georgia, taking 41 percent of the vote. Public Policy Polling has Cain up by 6 in West Virginia with 24 percent of the vote and up 10 in North Carolina with 27 percent. All three polls show Newt Gingrich in second, Mitt Romney in third, and Rick Perry in fourth. Cain also leads a PPP survey of Nebraska Republicans.

The fact that Cain, who is black, leads in these states is unlikely to challenge the liberal narrative of Southern Republican racism, particularly in West Virginia, a historically Democratic state where the opposition to President Obama has been viewed as racial in nature.

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