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Panetta Bashes Israel

By on 10.3.11 | 9:26AM

The Obama Administration continues its hostility towards the State of Israel. Only President Obama is letting members of his cabinet do the talking. Enter Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Yesterday, while en route to the Middle East, Panetta said:

There's not much question in my mind that they maintain that edge. But the question you have to ask: Is it enough to maintain a military edge if you're isolating yourself in the diplomatic arena? Real security can only be achieved by both a strong diplomatic effort as well as a strong effort to project to your military strength.

It's pretty clear that at this dramatic time in the Middle East, when there have been so many changes, that is not a good situation for Israel to become increasingly isolated. And that's what's happening.

Specifically, Panetta wants Israel to restart negotiations with the Palestinians and patch things up with Egypt and Turkey.

Well, I guess this means that the Obama Administration recognizes Hamas. Because last I checked Fatah and Hamas had reconciled. So why is the Obama Administration putting the onus of resuming negotiations entirely on Israel?

I also don't seem to recall Israelis storming the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv nor have I seen Israeli politicians call for an end to the peace agreement with Egypt. So why is the Obama Administration putting the onus of mending fences entirely on Israel when it is Egypt that is bent on tearing them down?

As for Turkey, we do not see Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu making anti-Turkish statements nor do we see Israel sponsoring acts of terror against Turkey. So why is the Obama Administration putting the onus on Israel to restore a relationship which Turkey no longer wants?

The Obama Administration does so because they win brownie points with the UN. They know that any demands they place on the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Turkey have no weight with the international community. The most surefire way to be in good standing with the UN is to bash Israel.

The fact is that Israel has been isolated from the moment it was granted statehood. It is more isolated now not because of an unwillingness to make peace with the Palestinians or because of any intransigence towards Egypt and Turkey. Israel is more isolated in the world because the Obama Administration insists on heaping scorn upon the Jewish State. It is the sort of scorn which the Obama Administration ought to reserve for the likes of Iran and Syria. Panetta's words will only further alienate both Israelis and the Jewish community here in the United States.

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