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GOP Congressional Candidate Attacks Rick Perry on Immigration

By on 9.29.11 | 1:03PM

North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Vernon Robinson denounced Texas Gov. Rick Perry's immigration stance outside, as his statement described it, "a Mexican Restaurant which hosts a $1000 a plate fundraiser for fatcats undoubtedly celebrating continued access to cheap drywall and other 7 million jobs held by illegals while 14 million Americans look for work."

"If Governor Perry's amnesty policy is adopted, it will mark the first time a Texan has surrendered to Mexico in 175 years," continued Robinson. Robinson called for using troops to secure the border, implementing e-Verify, cutting off welfare to illegal immigrants, an end to ballot printed in Spanish and other foreign languages, rescinding birthright citizenship, and restricting the jurisdiction of federal judges who stand in the way.

Robinson, who has run for Congress unsuccessfully before, is a conservative firebrand. One of his favorite lines is, "Jesse Helms is back -- and this time he's black!" The district Robinson is running in, currently represented by Democrat Larry Kissel, has been redrawn to make it more Republican.

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