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No to Chris Christie

By on 9.24.11 | 9:38PM

What is wrong with conservatives today? Why are they falling for a pig in a poke and trying, yet again, to talk Chris Christie into running for president? We still don't know Chris Christie. We've seen him for less than two years. We've seen him do some highly unconservative things. And we have him in hiw own words saying not just that he doesn't want to run for president this year, but that he "isn're ready" to be president. If he actually gets the nomination, those words will be hung around his neck like millstones. He didn't say them just once, either, but several times.

Look, when a man says he isn't ready for the presidency, it means he isn't ready. he's not yet experienced enough. He's not knowledgeable enough.

Why have conservatives abandoned the very conservative principle that experience is important? We learn to do by doing. Seasoning in any pursuit is an asset. Why is it that we value experience in an auto mechanic or a doctor, but not in a politician? It is a profoundly unconservative thing to fall prey to an American Idol mentality, always going gaga over the "new new thing."

Get a grip people. Christie has a heck of a future. Let's let him earn that future by continued performance in office. The man says he isn't ready. Give him the respect he deserves by taking him at his word.

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