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Censoring Playboy

By on 9.23.11 | 4:40PM

Wherein I make the case for stopping a TV show from airing...or something.

The problem is that the public airwaves are filled with filth. Utter, complete filth, at all hours of the day. Raunchy humor. Constant references to and depictions of sex. Foul language. Graphic violence -- not of the sheriff-shoots-outlaw, outlaw-falls-from-horse variety, which is perfectly fine, but instead of the sort that involves explicit gore, blood and guts sprayed all over the screen. The public has the right to insist that those few pieces of the broadcast spectrum owned in common are reserved for content appropriate for all ages, or at the very least that objectionable content be strictly -- and I do mean strictly -- limited to late-night hours. ...
Again, the key here is that there are plenty of other outlets for racier fare; but the public, through Congress, has every right to insist on standards of decency for the publicly owned airwaves.

The new show about the Playboy Club should never be on prime time TV. Period.

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