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The Day Ahead: Friday, September 23

By on 9.23.11 | 8:08AM

President Obama will talk about his plans for No Child Left Behind in the East Room (Politico)

House Republicans pass a continuing resolution on second try at 1 a.m., but Senate opposition makes shutdown still possible (ABC News)

The House Energy Committee will hold a hearing including executives from failed solar power company Solyndra, who are expected to remain silent (Boston Globe)

A huge NASA satellite will fall to Earth sometime today (Fox News)

$500 billion of wealth was lost in the stock market yesterday (CNN Money)

Mitt Romney: Lots of reasons not to elect me:

Perry's Slide Continues, by Robert Stacy McCain: The Texan endures another rough debate performance.

Obamacare's Last Best Hope, by David Catron: Maybe the "reform" law can still be saved if the DOJ can prove the President a liar.

Reflections on Lethal Injection, by Roger Kaplan: Albert Camus had no misunderstanding of the death penalty.

Alabama Tea Partiers Go Local, by Quin Hillyer: The principle of federalism, in glorious practice.

Tehran Follies, by George H. Wittman: Observers of the Iranian scene agree on one thing: it's very hard to come up with a definitive view on anything.

The Good Life, Greek Style, by Douglas Murray: You maybe thought Greece was reformable?

Risk Responsibly, by James Srodes: The risky behavior of bankers was not the proximate cause of our financial crisis.

In the Heat of the Right: This week's Reader Mail, Commenters of the Week, and The American Spectator's favorite Facebook friend. 

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