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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, September 21

By on 9.21.11 | 7:28AM

The Fed is expected to pursue further stimulus today at 2:15, as it announces the decision of the FOMC meeting (Reuters)

President Obama will meet separately with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas at the UN today (Politico)

Google's Eric Schmidt will face tough questions at a Senate hearing on antitrust today (USA Today)

U.S. hikers held by Iran to be freed today (ABC News)

Protests of execution of likely innocent man in Georgia will go down to the wire (CNN)

Unlikely political alliance: Vince Vaughn stumps for Ron Paul:

On the main site:

Obama Can't Trade Places, by by Green Lantern: The costs of being willfully clueless about the private sector.

Rick Perry, Evangelical, by Mark Tooley: His appearance at Liberty University last week was very much in keeping with the direction of his religious life.

His Biggest Big Lies, by Peter Ferrara: Good morning, suckers: President Obama is playing you.

Wards of the State, by RiShawn Biddle: Michigan is seizing control of failed local governments.

A Corny Tale, by Peter Hannaford: We have China to thank for a decline in U.S. farm subsidies.

Comanche Moon, by Bill Croke: S.C. Gwynne has written a fine book for those interested in the Plains Indian Wars -- or in Texas history in general.

End of the Mainline, by Jeff Walton: William Righter, the Episcopalian bishop once charged with heresy, has died.

Drive, by James Bowman: It's not supposed to be like the real world, silly.

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