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David Brooks Finds a Wrinkle in Obama’s Pants

By on 9.20.11 | 9:44AM

It seems that New York Times columnist David Brooks has found a wrinkle in President Obama's pants. Yesterday, Brooks referred to himself in his latest column as a "sap" ten times for believing in President Obama's stimulus plan. Case in point:

This wasn't a speech to get something done. This was the sort of speech that sounded better when Ted Kennedy was delivering it. The result is that we will get neither short-term stimulus nor long-term debt reduction anytime soon, and I'm sap for thinking it was possible.

Here's the most devastating sentence of all. Brooks writes, "To be an Obama admirer is to toggle from being uplifted to feeling used."


But it just goes to show you that just because Barack Obama has a thorough understanding of Niebuhr doesn't mean he can govern a country with competence.

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