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Israeli Embassy in Jordan Evacuated

By on 9.15.11 | 11:45AM

This can't be good. Israel has evacuated its staff (save for one) from its embassy in Jordan. A large protest is expected to gather in front of the embassy later today.

For its part, Israel is downplaying things stating its diplomatic personnel routinely leave Jordan right before the beginning of the Muslim weekend on Thursday.

But in lieu of the violence that occurred at the Israeli Embassy in Egypt last weekend you have to believe this was an evacuation. There is no doubt those events have emboldened the public expression of anti-Israel sentiment in Jordan. While Israel and Jordan have had diplomatic relations since 1994, as with Egypt, it is a cold peace. A 2009 Pew Research survey found that 95% of Egyptians have unfavorable views of Jews. In Jordan, it is 97%.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Arab Spring heading into fall.

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