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By on 9.14.11 | 4:36PM

In the Daily Caller this week, one of conservadom's brightest lights, Matt Labash, says something I believe very much needs to be said about the right's reaction to the Jimmy Hoffa comments -- specifically, "toughen up, crybabies and civility scolds":

Even if you’re being those things under the guise of tit-for-tat. The whole point of picking sides is that you believe yours to be better. So here’s a wild suggestion: why not prove it by actually being better? All I hear about these days from Tea Party types is what a fight we’re in. And one could easily argue that we are. But if you want to go around getting into fights, sooner or later, you’re going to have to learn how to take a punch without bursting into tears.

By all means, point out the hypocrisy of how the left will turn any unkind conservative glance or word into a existential threat to the republic, but -- please! -- do not fight these people by becoming them. The country is full up on indignant faux victims already. That would be...well, you know.  

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