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Marriage and NY-9

By on 9.14.11 | 12:13PM

Opponents of same-sex marriage are also claiming victory in the special election to replace disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner. Brian Brown of the National Organization of Marriage said in a statement:

NY-9 is another victory for marriage in our country. This district, which Obama won, Clinton won, and which has had a Democrat in Congress since 1923, showed Tuesday that marriage is important. David Weprin was not able to defend himself against his vote to support same-sex marriage in New York, and his constituents made that clear. 42 percent of them oppose same-sex marriage. 29 percent said marriage was a significant issue in this race. And Tuesday well over a majority of them showed Weprin that they have had enough.

Weprin supported the change in the state's marriage laws.

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