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New Info Supports Bachmann’s Gasoline Promise

By on 9.14.11 | 10:50AM

Readers here will note that I haven't had much to say, pro or con, on Michele Bachmann's presidential candidacy. Well, this isn't about her candidacy, either -- it's about her goals. One of them, at least, may be more doable than critics have suggested. Yes, I think we can get gasoline prices back down to $2 per gallon. Please read my CFIF column linked above, and note the hat tip to the Pelican Institute in New Orleans. Also note the shout-out for a letter by David Vitter, hardly my favorite person. In this case, Vitter is right, so I gave credit where due. It is not the person that matters, but the issue. I just wish more conservatives, who tend to be overly defensive about politicians they like, would realize that.

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