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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, September 14

By on 9.14.11 | 6:57AM

Solyndra now seems to have the makings of a real scandal for the White House (Washington Post)

President Obama will visit a North Carolina small business and N.C. State to promote his jobs bill (Politico)

Consumer financial advocate and law professor Eiizabeth Warren will announce her candidacy for Scott Brown's Massachusetts Senate seat today (Politico)

The deficit super committee faces a short deadline and worsened economic conditions for meeting its goals (New York Times)

NASA will unveil a new $35 billion rocket today (Houston Chronicle)

Republican Bob Turner wins Anthony Weiner's seat in special election:

Braindead on Arrival, by Peter Ferrara: Bad ideas in 2009 are even worse when cynically and wrecklessly reintroduced in 2011. Luckily, there's a GOP plan.

Rehab For Kids, by Bill Zeiser: One sober journalist squares off with the cutest group of alcoholics you've ever seen.

Mann Acts, by Paul Chesser: Dr. Michael Mann seeks the help of other Climategate players to prevent access to his University of Virginia emails. 

Operation Underworld, by Eric Dezenhall: The Mob versus the Nazis was an offer an Obama predecessor couldn't refuse.

Did 9/11 Change America Religiously? by Mark Tooley: Or did it end up encouraging some religious leaders to think politically?

The Country Post Office, by Manon McKinnon: So long to an American way of life.

Fed Up With My Job, by Jay D. Homnick: The President has declared there must be jobs -- I once had one of those.

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