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Obama Re-Election or Civil War

By on 9.13.11 | 12:39PM

I thank Shawn Macomber for drawing our attention to Andrew Sullivan's daily frothing. In a nutshell, Sullivan tells us that Obama had better win or else there's going to be a civil war.

A civil war? Talk about being a poor sport. I guess Sullivan doesn't give Obama supporters a lot of credit. Frankly, I hope Obama supporters can do better than that if things don't go their way. Besides, even if Obama were to lose in 2012, it would not shock me in the least if he were to run again in 2016 or 2020. He still a relatively young man. But the lefties are not a patient lot.

So on that score, if Obama is not re-elected next year, it wouldn't surprise if some violence on their part were to break out. Prior to the 2008 election, I wrote about such a possibility if Obama weren't elected.

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