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It’s Not Just Perry vs. Romney

By on 9.13.11 | 10:26AM

Jennifer Rubin, some of whose earliest writings were here at TAS, has a very important post today at the WashPost blog. Her point: There is no reason, none whatsoever, that the public should go along with the pundits in prematurely narrowing the presidential field. She says people like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann still should not be counted out, nor should the idea of another candidate -- even one not named "Palin" -- getting in the race. She's right.

It's the exact same message I used in my radio show on Thursday night, in the closing 15-minute segment after a half-hour interview with Rick Santorum. "Don't let the pundits choose your candidate." There is still plenty of time for somebody better (if you don't like the current frontrunners) to emerge.

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