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Perry is Getting Creamed

By on 9.12.11 | 9:32PM

On HPV vaccines and on in-state tuition for illegals, and general weakness on illegal immigration, Rick Perry is getting absolutely creamed by Santorum in particular, but also by Bachmann, and now by everybody else who can weigh in. His record on both issues is profoundly unconservative, and well-nigh inexcusable. Santorum in particular is explaining why, in very forceful language.

On other fronts, Gingrich and Cain both continue to do very well when they get a chance to talk; Bachmann is holding her own; Romney still hasn't been fully destroyed on the issue of Romneycare because people like Bachmann keep spouting (wrongly) that it was unconstitutional, when it is nothing of the sort, rather than that it is against liberty and our American values. Huntsman just doesn't come off well at all. Ron Paul is Ron Paul. He's good at explaining his positions, some of which are great, some of which, well.... aren't. But I can confirm, from family experience (a cousin), that he was one heck of a good doctor.

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