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Blitzer is Trying To Make It a Romney-Perry Debate

By on 9.12.11 | 8:32PM

I am watching the CNN-Tea Party Express GOP debate. Despite Wolf Blitzer's promises to give all candidates a fair chance to be heard, he is clearly trying to make it Romney-Perry debate. Indeed, he asked Rick Santorum point blank if he was with Romney or Perry on Social Security, Santorum cleverly replied, "Who is with me?" This line drew a lot of applause and he then proceeded to talk about how he's been speaking about Social Security reform for twenty years.

UPDATE: Blitzer is doing it again asking Romney what he thinks of Governor Perry's economic record in Texas. Romney drew jeers when he said of Perry, "Just because your dealt four aces doesn't mean you're a good poker player." Perry retorted, "You were doing fine until you brought up poker."

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