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The Day Ahead: Monday, September 12

By on 9.12.11 | 7:47AM

Welcome to the new look Spectator! In addition to the changes made site-wide, more updates will be coming to this blog. Stay tuned for more, and please let us know what you think.

President Obama will push for his jobs bill again in a Rose Garden speech, and then send legislative text for the plan to Congress (Politico)

Republican Bob Turner is heading into tomorrow's NY-9 race to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner with momentum (Washington Times)

CNN will host a "Tea Party" Republican debate, tonight at 8 p.m.

Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney (Politico)

September 11 memorial at the World Trade Center site opens (CNN)

On the main site:

Quo Vadis, Mars? by Jed Babbin: The War on Terror: why haven't we won it yet?

The Payroll Tax Trap,by Ross Kaminsky: Republicans know there is no "trust fund." So why play footsie with the left instead of arguing for permanent cuts?

Governor Asterisk, by Robert Stacy McCain: Jon Huntsman doesn't belong in the GOP debates.

Brute Causes, Not Root Causes, by Daniel Mandel: In the nature of things, people do not ordinarily blame the victims as the intellectuals blamed America for 9/11.

Race-Baiting TV, by Patrick Howley: Al Jazeera reporters are ambushing average Americans. And Americans are rightly telling them to get lost.

Benedict Among the Germans, by Samuel Gregg: His upcoming trip may well be one of his biggest challenges.

Rick Perry On Science, by Robert M. Goldberg: The liberal media wants you to think Rick Perry puts ideology over science. He doesn't. 

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