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Egyptians Storm Israeli Embassy in Cairo

By on 9.10.11 | 1:37PM

Last month, when a man removed the Israeli flag from its embassy in Cairo and then burned it, I feared that this would embolden Egyptians to storm the embassy and take hostages and that Egyptian authorities would do nothing to stop it. Well, I was right about the former but wrong about the latter.

Indeed, last night Egyptians did storm the Israeli embassy but Egyptian forces dispersed the crowds while the Israeli Air Force evacuated 80 diplomats. It also appears that the Egyptian government will reinstate the emergency laws which were lifted after Hosni Mubarak was driven from power.

Does this mean the Egyptian military will try to postpone the presidential elections which are scheduled to take place in October or November? I suspect that if they did all hell would break loose. Needless to say, this incident will only firm the resolve of the Muslim Brotherhood and other forces who wish to establish an Islamic fundamentalist state and end all diplomatic relations with Israel.

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