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The Day Ahead: Friday, September 9

By on 9.9.11 | 8:26AM

President Obama will begin the campaign for his jobs plan in Richmond, Virginia today (USA Today)

Dick Cheney will give a speech on 9/11 at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Federal agencies are tracking a "specific and credible" terrorist threat to either NYC or DC (CBS News)

Debt-disapproval bill fails in the Senate, clears path toward $500 billion debt ceiling increase (The Hill)

Sean Hannity forces Rand Paul to defend his father on national defense:

On the main site:

Putting Straw Men Back to Work by W. James Antle, III: Obama pulled out all the campaign stops when laying out his jobs plan before Congress.

Devil's Dictionary, Obama Edition, by Ross Kaminsky: Abraham Lincoln: Not the founder of the Republican Party.

All Hail President Blair! by Iain Murray: Our president is following a jobs creation model already attempted in Britain. It failed miserably.

Half-Developed Thoughts, by Quin Hillyer: Musings on three utterly unrelated topics, one of them an outrage, two of them very classy.

The I-Man's Last Stand, by Patrick Howley: If you're not listening to Don Imus, then you're missing something special: the final act of morning radio's last great artist.

There's No Business Like Russian Business, by George H. Wittman: You thought business regulation in America was bad? Try dealing with Putin's federal security service.

What Does It Mean? by Aaron Goldstein: After ten years of confusing cultural messages, we now have to remember one thing: who did this to us.

Can Israel Save America? by John C. Wohlstetter: A week in Israel confirms that it could indeed.

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