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So Much for Solyndra-as-Sputnik

By on 9.9.11 | 8:01AM

Wow. That was quick. Obama's commitment and attention span to that which will, which must drive the future are...squirrel! Oh, wait. That's, Solyndra scandal!

As greenie trade press outlet E&E Daily keens this morning:

The clean energy sector that had played a starring role in this year's State of the Union address [NB: yes, seven short months ago] was reduced to a bit part in President Obama's highly anticipated job speech before a joint session of Congress last night.

Gone was talk of "winning the future" and a new "Sputnik moment" for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. Instead Obama repeatedly pressed House members and senators to pass a new $447 billion "American Jobs Act," which focuses on traditional job creation tools like infrastructure and construction projects, payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance reform.

Yeah. That should make the problem go away. Except, watch this space: it turns out the administration has begun using the Pentagon's budget as the new backdoor for tens and, it seems likely, hundreds of millions of dollars to keep feeding their buddies' green boondoggles.

More on this latest scandalous twist in a bit but, SuperCommittee, I understand you want to cut defense. Please pick up line 1.

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