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Thursday: Jobs and Football

By on 9.8.11 | 10:18AM

This morning's preview was delayed by a loss of power at the undisclosed location from which I usually post. But there are only two things happening today anyways: Obama's jobs speech at 7 p.m. on the networks, and the kickoff of the NFL season shortly after. 

I've already written about what I expect from Obama tonight (not much), and the only thing that's changed in the meantime is that the administration has assigned it a $400 billion price tag and a name: "The American Jobs Act." 

Republicans oppose almost every part of the plan Obama is supposed to unveil, though -- from a payroll tax cut to extended unemployment insurance. He may as well have said it would be a trillion-dollar package. That would be better for all involved: he could boast to the liberal base that he fought for another $1 trillion stimulus, and the Republicans could brag about killing it. I'll have more to say about Obama's plan once it's official. 

Meanwhile, Green Bay and New Orleans play at 8:30. This season's been a long time coming, and it wasn't always guaranteed that it would. 

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