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Perry Wins

By on 9.7.11 | 10:29PM

For a first time out in the circus, Texas Governor Rick Perry impressed in tonight's Reagan Library debate.

I have no favorites here. Even Congressman Ron Paul, of whom (ahem), I've been critical, did well. There's a long way to go. The object is to find the absolute best candidate and remove President Obama and the disastrous (surprise!) policies that have failed the country with such dismal if predictable results.

As someone unfamiliar with Perry?

He was… on first sustained let's-get-acquainted?

Well… Reaganesque.

A winner? A long time out, though, before we arrive in that port of call.

But Perry is utterly not the image the left-wing media has been trying so hard to paint. He was substantive, thoughtful yet pointed.

Specifically, he reminded of Reagan in the Reagan-Carter debate, where the challenge was almost the same: a candidate proving he wasn't some sort of crazed cowboy.

Mission accomplished.

Which in turn says… the liberal media has reason to be concerned about Governor Perry.

Would this have anything to do with left-wing media hysteria over Perry? 


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