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Canadian PM: “Islamicism” Still a Major Threat

By on 9.7.11 | 9:34AM

In an interview which will air on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) later this week revolving around the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says where it concerns Canada's security "the major threat is still Islamicism." The Tory leader elaborated that "Islamicism" is a major threat whether it comes from abroad or from within Canada's borders.

Senator Joe Lieberman was absolutely right to criticize the Obama Administration last week for calling acts of terror committed in the name of Islam "violent extremism" rather than "violent Islamist extremism." Needless to say, we will never hear "Islamicism" or "violent Islamist extremism" traverse the lips of President Obama nor anyone else in his administration. So long as the Obama Administration is unwilling to identify our enemies and the ideology which motivates their actions, we will not be able to defeat them.

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