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Obama Has “A Pay-Phone Strategy in A Smart-Phone World”

By on 9.6.11 | 6:28PM

Mitt Romney outlined his economic plan ahead of tomorrow night's debate at the Reagan Library. "We should have a job-creating machine in America," Romney said. "Growth is the answer. Not government." Romney also waved around an iPhone and said, "President Obama's strategy is a pay-phone strategy in a smart-phone world."

For his part, Romney proposed $20 billion in immediate budget cuts, reductions in corporate tax rates, and converting Medicaid into a bock grant program. Romney also pledged to repeal Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial regulations. Republican rivals Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman both pounced on his job creation record as governor of Massacshusetts, pointing to the jobs numbers under their watch in Texas and Utah, respectively.

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