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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, September 6

By on 9.6.11 | 7:55AM

Congress returns from recess to face a pressing agenda, including aid for cities hit by Irene, funding for transportation workers, and pending trade bills (New York Times)

Vice President Joe Biden tells the Ohio AFL-CIO to repeal the collective-bargaining bill signed by Gov. John Kasich (The Hill)

President Obama's approval ratings hit a new low (Washington Post)

"Largely symbolic" budget cuts hit Congressional office budgets (Washington Times)

Mitt Romney will unveil a jobs plan in Los Vegas, outlined in a USAToday op-ed (CNN)

Postmaster General Patrick Donohue will testify on Capitol Hill about the Postal Service's pressing fiscal problems (CNN)

Pitcher Stephen Strasburg will make his first start in more than a year for the Nationals in D.C. (Boston Globe)

President Obama previews his jobs speech in a preacher-like manner in Detroit:

On the main site:

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