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The Day Ahead: Thursday, August 25

By on 8.25.11 | 7:32AM

Hurricane Irene won't cut President Obama's Vineyard vacation short (Politico)

Excerpts from Dick Cheney's new book begin to leak (New York Times)

Mitt Romney says that he would repeal the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill (Boston Globe)

The Obama administration is getting closer to backing a mass-scale mortgage refinancing program (New York Times)

Muslim coalition seeks probe into surveillance activities by NYPD counter-terrorism units (CNN)

Sen. Marco Rubio catches Nancy Reagan as she slips and falls:

The Fed's Philosopher King by Victor Sperandeo: Ben Bernanke is arguably the most powerful man in the world. And he answers to no one.

The Laborer in the Vineyard, by George Neumayr: Obama's working vacation isn't working.

Ryan Withdraws, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Yet we know he was not happy with the current crop of candidates.

Either-Or Conservatism, by David N. Bass: An unfortunate fallacy enters the same-sex marriage debate.

Rekindling the Dream, by Alex Nowrasteh & David Bier: The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. should not end with his new statue on the National Mall.

The War on Adulthood, by Christopher Orlet: Who needs the love which passeth all understanding when you have kickball?

Malcolm X: All-American, by RiShawn Biddle: Whatever you may think of him, he was an American original. 

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