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Ryan Not Running; Obama Relieved

By on 8.22.11 | 6:37PM

I know that Jim Antle believes that Paul Ryan and the country is better off with him remaining as House Budget Chairman.

Do you know who I think would agree with Jim on this point? President Obama. I bet you dollars to donuts that the Obama White House breathed a huge sigh of relief when they learned that Ryan wouldn't be running. Jim is dead wrong when he says that Ryan isn't "ideally suited" to the Presidency. Ryan is the best spokesman we have for the conservative cause in this country. Hands down. Ryan would have pulverized Obama in one on one debate. Obama is simply no match for Ryan. The same cannot be said of the other declared GOP candidates.

Speaking of declared GOP candidates, the only question left to be answered now is whether the field is set or whether Sarah Palin is going to jump in.

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