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“Air Force One” and Commander-in-Chief Warrior

By on 1.31.06 | 9:27AM

Puzzle if the American public was educated to see the commander-in-chief as an unambiguous warrior long before the soap-opera slow and unusually claustrophobic "24." Note "Air Force One", the 1997 Harrison Ford thriller, as a brief for omniscient presidential powers in wartime. Mass murder, betrayal, threats, assassination, causus belli like raindrops, and deliberate distortion of the facts to keep the delightfully compliant media as agog as the movie going audience. And the bad guys are terrorists with a credible cause, an inspirational sense of self-sacrifice, and discipline like Russian airborne. Still, the national security apparatus of the United States in a one-man attack dog who shoots and shoots and shoots and shoots. Can guess the Harrison Ford approval rating was 105%. Ask who is a better model for the Ford character. Boy Clinton, who is not known to have fired a weapon in anger nor committed US riflemen to more than retreat? Or the cowboy?

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