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“Russian” to Judge Bachmann

By on 8.21.11 | 12:12AM

Michele Bachmann is being criticized for making reference to "the rise of the Soviet Union" during a radio interview with Jay Sekulow on Thursday.

Fair enough. The Soviet Union hasn't existed in nearly twenty years (indeed, this weekend is the 20th anniversary of the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev). But I am sure Bachmann meant to say Russia. I am sure she knows there's no USSR.

Just as I am sure President Obama knows he hasn't visited 57 states with one to go. I am also sure President Obama knows full well there isn't an Austrian language and in his capacity as Commander in Chief can flawlessly pronounce "corpsman."

I don't mind the media holding Bachmann to account for her misstatements. But I do mind when the media won't do the same for Obama either by ignoring the statements altogether or by giving him a benefit of the doubt they wouldn't extend to Bachmann or any other Republican. If Obama makes a mistake, it's because he must be tired. But if Bachmann makes a mistake, it's because she's dumb. Or put another way, when it comes to Bachmann the media are "Russian" to judgment.

But that said, if Bachmann does become the nominee she will have to be careful. The last thing she wants is a Gerald Ford "Soviet domination of Eastern Europe" moment in a debate against Obama. On the other hand, who is to say that Bachmann won't tell Obama her version of "there you go again"?

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