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Perry “Creates” a Problem for Himself

By on 8.19.11 | 2:55PM

I am in agreement with David N. Bass when he argues that if the woman in Portsmouth, New Hampshire really wanted to know Texas Governor Rick Perry's views on evolution so badly that she should have asked him herself rather than get her young son to do it for her. Clearly, she has no shame.

Now I thought Perry answered the question reasonably right up until the moment he said, "In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools." Um, no they don't and if they did the ACLU would have their lawyers on the first their plane to Austin faster than you can say injunction.

I don't have a problem with Perry stating he doesn't agree with evolution. But when he says its state government policy to teach both creationism and evolution when such a policy would be illegal, it leaves the impression that he isn't minding the store. To put it more bluntly, Perry comes off like he doesn't know what the hell is talking about. I mean, it's not like Perry was just elected Governor. He's been in office for more than a decade. You would think he would have some idea of what is and isn't being taught in Texas classrooms.

Even before Perry announced his candidacy there was an effort to paint him as a clone of George W. Bush (despite their long standing differences) and now that's he in the race he's being portrayed as even worse. For all intents and purposes, liberal media are trying to crucify him. So why supply them with stones? Perry does himself no favors when he accuses Ben Bernanke of treachery and then incorrectly states that creationism is taught in Texas.

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