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“Ask [Perry] Why He Doesn’t Believe in Science”

By on 8.19.11 | 1:35PM

Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry got heckled yesterday outside a cafe in New Hampshire. "Hands off Medicare," a couple folks in the crowded chanted.

Before the heckling started, Perry answered a question from a child about how old the Earth is. It swiftly degenerated into a political "gotcha" moment when the kid's mother (I'm guessing), standing right behind her son, instructed him to ask Perry why the Texas governor "doesn't believe in science."

My advice to the woman: Ask the question yourself. Or, if you do intend to instruct your kid on what to ask, don't do so in front of a line of cameras. It's bad form.

I'm all for asking tough questions. I don't like it when candidates get indignant over a legitimate line of queries. But this crossed the line into pathetic territory.

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