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All the ‘Green Jobs’ News That’s Fit to…Quickly Bury

By on 8.19.11 | 11:56AM

Politico's Morning Energy leads with an item in the New York Times affirming what some of us have exposed in detail, while lamenting that the same people will have too much fun pointing it out: 'green jobs' is a costly, wsateful bunch of baloney.

Incidentally, today Byron York further pours salt into the wound with a piece making one wonder why the administration doesn't invent a Van Jones with a mission like, say, getting the CBC to avoid such recognitions or least talking about them.

Anyway, someone at the NYT has got the administration's number. And another note in Politico indicates the administration has the number of his boss:

"HOST'S NOTE - The story briefly led the Times's site overnight, but as of 4 a.m., had vanished from the front page. It is running on page A19 of today's national print edition."

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