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The Day Ahead: Friday, August 19

By on 8.19.11 | 7:40AM

A very slow August Friday in D.C. ahead, with Congress out of session and President Obama vacationing on Martha's Vineyard.

Obama administration announces it will curtail deportations of illegal immigrants, review on a case-by-case basis (ABC News)

Education secretary Arne Duncan criticizes Texas schools, saying he feels "very, very badly for the children there" (Bloomberg)

Bank of America will cut 10,000 jobs (Washington Post)

Burger King will get rid of the king (USA Today)

Al Sharpton once again has some technical difficulties:

What Would Reagan Cut? by Robert W. Patterson: Social Security and Medicare are not the problem.

Putting America Back to Work -- the Republican Way, by Green Lantern: Hey Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, here's your chance to lead well before Labor Day.

Waste Not, Want Not, by Andrew B. Wilson: Life lessons from a Swiss entrepreneur in Big Sky country.

My Day in Food Court, by Gerald Nachman: Our man in San Francisco offers a taste of the near future.

Obamacare Heads to the Supreme Court, by Doug Bandow: Do any substantive powers remain beyond the federal government? We will soon enough find out.

Suing NASA and UVA, by Paul Chesser: Scientific distrust necessitates academic transparency -- and overcoming resistance from squanderers of public monies.

An Old Man's Island, by George H. Wittman: Walk down any street in contemporary Cuba, and all you will see is failure.

A Guy's Place, by Christopher Orlet: And the search for the perfect hangout. 

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