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Arch Villain Meshal’s Triumphant Return

By on 1.31.06 | 12:48AM

Jerusalem source reports that Hamas chief and Damascus-Tehran chimp Khaled Meshal is close to a deal with Cairo to transfer his operation back into Gaza City.

Egypt Secret Police Chief Suleiman, the heavy duty factotum of aging, despairing, betraying Mubarak of Egypt, has negotiated a deal to give Meshal triumphant return travel package back through Cairo to the Sinai and through the open Rafah crossing.

Israel says it will stop the return of the notorious Mr. K. No such luck is available since the EU claims to be the guard poodle of this now smuggler-open border.

Meshal is an arch villain. Terrorism with a ghoulish face. IDF will want to target his tonsils as soon as he provides opportunity, and this time, overpraised Mossad geniuses, no oafish, over-clever subtlety, just use a Hellfire.

And does Dr. Rice know all this subterfuge in plain sight? Roger. And what is she going to do about it? Cut off Hamas's money. How? Ask Prince Bandar please don't give any more charity to Gaza?

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