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Cantor’s Huge and Unnecessary Capitulation

By on 8.18.11 | 3:02PM

Eric Cantor actually is telling fellow Republicans not to try to reduce domestic discretionary spending this year below the limits set in the recent debt-ceiling deal. This is, to put it mildly, an outrage. I explain more here. Please do read the whole post I just linked to. But this gives a taste of it:

This is nonsense. It's sickening. The recent agreement's limits were just that: limits, not mandates. They are part and parcel of the same agreement that calls for another $1.5 trillion in savings. There is no reason, not on God's green Earth, that some of that $1.5 trillion can't come from domestic discretionary appropriations, even in advance of any deal reached by the "supercommittee." Any additional savings achieved through the appropriations process this fall will only make the supercommittee's job easier.

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