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Obama’s InJustice Beginning to Boomerang

By on 8.18.11 | 11:09AM

My column this week at CFIF tracks a theme I've developed right here at The American Spectator, and in public fora as well: The Obama/Holder Justice Department, and indeed the administration as a whole, is virtually lawless. My opening paragraph this week gives you a taste:

On subjects ranging from Black Panthers to black gold, the Obama administration is having a very bad time in courts these days, and rightly so. Again and again the Obamites try to abuse their authority without regard to constitutional or statutory limits. Fortunately, judges shot down Obamite overreach in three important cases within days of each other last week, and more administration setbacks are likely. In the United States, even sophists and ideologues are subject to the rule of law.

This line also gets to the heart of the matter: "This is an administration that tries to rule by edict, without bothering with the ordinary procedures and protections of a constitutional republic."

Of course, this doesn't even count the growing scandal over the Fast/Furious gunrunner scandal now engulfing DoJ. Overall, this theme has legs. It should be pursued.

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