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‘Low-Tax Obamanomics’

By on 8.18.11 | 10:53AM

Rick Perry's drawn some skeptical assessments from members of the national conservative media since declaring his candidacy for president. But Tim Carney's column on Perry's record of corporatism takes the cake: 

"I'm a pro-business governor -- I don't make any apologies about it," Rick Perry told the crowds in Iowa this week. He's right, but we can get more specific. Perry is pro-Merck, pro-Boeing, pro-Mesa Wind, pro-Texas Instruments, pro-Convergen, and pro-dozens of businesses that donate to his campaigns and hire his aides as lobbyists.

Perry promises to "get Americans back to work," but his policies -- from backroom drug company giveaways to green energy subsidies -- eerily mirror the unseemly big business-big government collusion that has characterized President Obama's presidency. Judging by his record in Texas, Perrynomics might just be low-tax Obamanomics.

Then Carney details the many times Perry has directed state resources to friendly businesses. 

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