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Thinking About a Triple Play

By on 8.18.11 | 9:50AM

I appreciate Paul Chesser for drawing our attention to how Boston Globe photographer Jim Davis captured the triple play turned by the Red Sox on Tuesday night. I particularly liked this comment from Davis:

You think ahead especially in baseball. A lot of other sports you don't have to think as much. With baseball, the ball can go anywhere at anytime. You really have to think and try to anticipate things. Naturally, when there are two guys on and nobody out I've always, over the years, I've thought it'd be nice to get a triple play. I always wanted to make sure I was prepared and ready if it ever happened and luckily it happened last night.

Ah yes, baseball and thinking. It's one of the many reasons I love baseball and am as engaged with it now as I was thirty years ago. Davis is absolutely right when he says that other sports don't require as much thought. The fact he makes a point of prefocusing his short lens on first base whenever there is a situation with two runners on and nobody out artfully exemplifies his argument.

Keep in mind that Davis has been taking pictures of Red Sox games for nearly a quarter century and prepared for the possibility that he would get his triple play knowing the odds of it every happening were minute yet nevertheless a possibility under the right conditions. He finally got his triple play. He could spend another quarter century taking pictures of Red Sox games and never see it again.

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