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One Last Note on Palin-Pappas

By on 8.16.11 | 6:54PM

It is ironic that the Palin team went to a Politico reporter to listen in on her berating Alex Pappas (yes, that IS what happened) when it was Pappas who blew the whistle on Politico for having long let an ideologically lefty reporter cover Palin. I just did a fairly exaustive Google search on Pappas' coverage of Palin and could not find a single instance of him ever saying or writing anything the slightest bit derogatory, or inaccurate, about her; indeed, Palin supporters have every reason to be thrilled with the unbiased, frequent, and decidedly non-antagonistic coverage that Pappas, rare among reporters, has provided Palin for the past couple of years. Palin would really show she is a class act if she called Pappas personally again to say she is sorry for the misunderstanding and sorry for hanging up on him while she was distracted by the throng of "real people" around her at the fair.

Pappas has been good-humored ("bemused" and "light," as I described it) about the whole thing. If she showed a little good will to match, she might actually engender some good will in return. She has been seriously mistreated by the establishment media for three solid years now; it would only make good political sense (if nothing else) for her to be friendly towards one of the few reporters who has been meticulously fair towards her.

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