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Thoughts on Pawlenty

By on 8.14.11 | 1:21PM

All things considered, Tim Pawlenty did the right thing in ending his presidential bid now rather than to prolong the agony.

Although he provided two terms of competent, conservative government to Minnesota, it wasn't enough. His appeal could not translate beyond Minnesota.

President Obama plays for keeps. It is going to be a nasty and brutish race. We need someone who can give as good as they can get. Pawlenty wasn't that person as was amply demonstrated when he went after Michele Bachmann during the GOP debate a few days ago or when he characterized Romneycare as Obamneycare and wouldn't repeat it in Mitt's presence. He was trying to be something he wasn't and it showed.

It remains to be seen how far Bachmann will progress in the race but she is in a far better position to not only stand up to Obama and but land body blows. The question is whether she will be able to absorb his punches.

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