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10-1 Spending Cuts

By on 8.12.11 | 9:46AM

During last night's debate, Bret Baier asked all the candidates to raise their hand if they would refuse a deficit deal that was 10-1 spending cuts to tax increases. All raised their hands. 

Having all Republicans go on record as opposing any tax hikes whatsoever, even as part of an advantageous deal, seems like a perfect opportunity for Democrats to once again deride the GOP as unreasonable, willing to take the economy hostage, terrorists, etc. 

It's getting old, though. Does anyone really think that, for instance, the former governors on the stage believe that any tax hike at all would harm the economy? 

What Baier really was asking was for the candidates to raise their hands if they favored holding onto the GOP's best bargaining tool, namely the commitment to no new taxes. Obviously, they do. 

Updated for clarity. 

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