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The Day Ahead: Friday, August 12

By on 8.12.11 | 6:51AM

In Michigan, President Obama "urges voters to scold Republicans" (New York Times)

Elizabeth Warren prepares for a possible Senate run in Massachusetts (The Hill)

Lobbyists already fundraising for Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra based on his appointment to the super committee (Roll Call)

The Post Office considers a 20 percent workforce cut (The Hill)

Sarah Palin will attend the Iowa state fair today, as Republican candidates gear up for the Ames Straw Poll (San Francisco Chronicle)

Romney: corporations are people:

Imagine My Surprise by Ross Kaminsky: So much can go south when one goes missing for a week.

No Winners... Yet, by Robert Stacy McCain: Debate fireworks didn't really settle anything.

Europe's Shorts-Sightedness, by John Berlau: Yesterday's decision by European authorities will likely further damage markets in the U.S. as well.

I Don't Like It, by Ben Stein: Reflections on losing money and going broke -- and bringing home the bacon.

Why President Obama Is Painful to Watch, by Ron Ross: Let us count the ways.

Happy New Tax Freedom Day, by Doug Bandow: In our debt-ravaged country, Cost of Government Day actually falls much later in the year than it seems.

Left's Agenda Inches Forward, by Peter Hannaford: California joins in to ensure Florida 2000 never again happens to Democrats.

The Ironic Chancellor, by Aram Bakshian, Jr.: The tragedy of Otto von Bismarck.

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